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Friday, April 25, 2014


I've been longing to write about this...
Da luv in FUTSAL still strong thou these days I choose to be in SOCIAL FUTSAL after 3 years committed for a team.

6 years back, after most of my frens got married & hav kids, I starts to join team coz I luv to be in sports.
Previously, in a wix, I must hav netball, futsal, jogging & badminton.
I managed to join only TWICE futsal training wit Harimau Malaya (FUTSAL) for women's back in 2008 & that's it coz dey hav training in fasting month.
Then, in 2010... from a fren dat i knew from HM, Sarra... she invited me to come & join her new futsal's team dat base in Kota Damansara.
In my head, I just wanna hav futsal activities & never tot dat Im gonna stick / committed to da team.
But through out the years, of coz... I am thankful & greatful to learn & earn... knowledge, skills & experience from da team. Plus, dey did helped thru out my hardest time...& as for that, I always said to myself, I owed alot to em, to da team

Towards d end of 2012, came in few players joined da team. Thou da team had been together almost 2 years, nuthin much we achieved from every tournaments / frenly futsal dat we had.

In 2013, I starts to take a big step... since we hav quite numbers of players dat hav quality & skills.
Wit da help of my colleague / work out partner / coach, Dharmain... I starts my work out routines...
I starts to go for a jogg, then got to know about TRX, gym wit main mission, to be FIT & bein able to achieve sumthin greater wit my futsal team.

Alhamdulillah, I can see da differents.. a lot actually.
Da stamina, da strength, da confidence... man, it's totally beyond what I expected!

2013 also... gav a lot of opportunity not just to me, but to my team mates too.
And also, I got to know a lot of good peeps dat really gav me a whole lot of different  perspectives in dealing with healthy & fit life.

Sumwhere around March 2013, I joined futsal tournament wit my capten to help my kazen's team for local radio station. We won 2nd place!
The experience to play futsal on FIFA's court... totally challenged myself.

In fasting month of 2013, with da help of colleague from my work place, I managed to go for a national women's football selection. I bring along few players dat I trust & believe... players that can play & have skills.
Thou Im not selected for da nex 3 days training camp... d experience, knowledge... totaly taught / gave me a whole lot of definition in always being fit, never stop learnin / improves myself

I decided to leave my futsal's team right after we joined futsal tournament dat we entered on few days before da fasting month end.
Da last tournament dat we joined, really gav me impact & make me wonder alot...
I dun blame others... in fact, I did confessed to them... that, I did make mistakes in da last tournament.
We did well for da 1st time ever coz we managed to got thru top 16.

But dat night, really opened up my eyes...
All these while, I always said to da team, TRUST + BELIEVE dat all of your team mates can DO, can PLAY, can DELIVER...
But dat nite, all those POSITIVES words / thoughts dat I used to say... I guess... came right back to my face.
Im being SELFISH, I didn't TRUST...& I... myself... also NERVOUS to da max....

Dunno what went wrong... everything just fucked up!

Few players left including me...
Arguments, pointing fingers, blaming game & even back-stabbing... getting worst!
Never thought dat by leaving the team... gonna spread rumors & hatred...
Thou, da relationship between sum of da team mates still okay...

Ever since dat, me n few players dat leave da team... starts to hav SOCIAL FUTSAL as a weekly sports thing...
Da BEST & BEAUTY of having this SOCIAL FUTSAL...
We met, play futsal wit new peeps, skillfull players.. and most important, it's totally FUN & ENJOY!
No more STRESS... No HATING... No DRAMA & what so ever not...

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