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Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's time to b part of... perhaps, da NEEDS?!!


Maybe, da NEEDS really tempting... I mean, it's been years I didn't pamper myself...

Yeahhh... I know... I'm still big fan of NOKIA!
I dunno... Im not fan of epal... Im not fan of androids...
Not really wanna b part of da hype which is... i know... m gonna b like those peeps who always wanna change handphone all times...

Nokia Lumia 800

Wiki on Nokia Lumia 800

Sumthin for myself... perhaps!

MTB: Trinx Aluminum M188 (Disc)


Trinx M188 (previous known as MA1.8D).
Trinx M188 is budget mtb aluminum bike is for  ”leisure” off-road ride or on the road.
Equipped with basic specifications like any other entry level MTB namely Shimano 21 speed index gear system, front & rear disc brakes, front suspension.
It truly an excellent budget mtb bike for those looking casual riding bike on off-road / on road.

Frame size: 17”
Frame Tubing Trinx Aluminium Frame
Front Fork Suspension Fork
Rear Shock None
Headset Moving bearing set
Crankarms Steel crank
Pedals Steel Nylon bearing pedals
B/B Ball bearings bottom bracket
Front derailleur Shimano 42T FD (index)
Rear derailleur Shimano TZ (index)
Shifters Shimano 7 spd Rapid Shifter
Sprocket Sunrun 7 spd index sprocket
Chain 7 speed gear chain
Front hub 36h Steel hub (bearing)
Rear hub 36h Steel hub (bearing)
Rims Alloy rim
Tires Chao Yang slick tires 26×2.0*
Brake set Disc-Brake set
Brake levers Shimano V- brake lever
Handlebar Alloy Handle Bar (with bar end)
Stem Alloy A-Head handlebar stem
Tape/grip Rubber grip
Saddle Trinx comfort Saddle
Seat post Steel  27.2(diameter) with QR*
Color(s) Black/Green, Black/Red, Matte Black Blue, Red, Blue

Monday, December 2, 2013

Running... is a thangggg for me...!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & a very good morning...
It's really been very longggg time I didn't updates my beloved blog...
Ever since I found it very difficult to log in at the office & also, my pc (yes, my pc need to be format for... ermm, i think this is da 4th times, sigh!!!)

Where to start... I guess, I don't need to explain yet bout me quit from my futsal's team.
Maybe another post might help to clear things out...
And I'm excited to talk bout my new thing in my life now...
Yup, it's bout me join RUNNING!
Never thought that I ever gonna be a runner!
I mean, the last time I join run would be in school days!
Merentas Desa in sports day really my thang ( when I was form 3 & 4, 2 years in a row I won 2nd place & in form 5, no 1)
Man... it's been ages... and I even said to myself... I could never run for 5 km / 10 km / 15 km
But, yeah... I made it! Alhamdulillah

It's all begin when my colleague, Mr Dharmain invite me to join him for a work out in da morning at the office. For me, I do have mission which is I wanna keep up my fitness since I need it to be good / well prepare for futsal.
Thru times ( I mean, months), I've been work out (jogging / trx / gym) and alhamdulillah, I can see results, my fitness is good & yeah, I lost weights ( thou, that's not really my intention coz for me, lost weight definitely gonna comes along ).
I should thanks to Dharmain for all the efforts, hard work & never stop believing.

The first run for me would be the "Reebok's Challenge 18.95 km".

It's a run of 18.95 km with obstacles / challenge.
I never thought I could ever did it & finish it!
I don't put any target, all I want is just to finish it within time.
And Alhamdulillah, 2 hours 49 minutes!

My 2nd run was yesterday for TM "Team Malaysia" Fan Run
It's a 15 km run & I just hope to finish it within 2 hours & syukur, I managed to achieve it.
My time is 1 hour 52 minutes!

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