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Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup 2014 : da FINAL : Germany vs Argentina... bring it ON!!!

What more can I say,

The final for the World Cup 2014 between GERMANY vs ARGENTINA will be on 14 July 2014 (14.07.14) at 0300 (Malaysia's Time)

With the whole package that Germany's have, I just keep on BELIEVE & SUPPORTS da DEUTSCHLAND, Die Mannschaft to be the WINNER of World Cup 2014.

We will see... We will witness...
After all, this is football / fussball / sports that bring the whole nation wide come together / as ONE!

Highlights Goals

Germany's World Cup success revealed: What England's flops can learn from team built on humility, loyalty and pride


World Cup 2014: And da DEUTSCHLAND is in for the FINAL!!! Yehawww... ;)

Front Page of Utusan Malaysia


Never thought that da DEUTSCHLAND gonna THRASHED / SLAUGHTERS da SAMBA with da results, 7 - 1!!! (I just predicted 4 - 0... heh)

Daily Express

Within 1st half, 5 goals scored by GERMANY / JERMAN!!
Just can't believe it!
Daily Star

Daily Telegraph

Monday, July 7, 2014

World Cup 2017 : Semi Final : die nationalmannschaft vs da samba

Wuhooo.... All da way for deutschland!!!

from FIFA

from Google

from Utusan's Online

Deutschland die nationalmannschaft!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

World Cup 2014 : This is it... kamonnn Deutschland! Go GERMANY! JERMAN!

So, tonite (midnite / early mornin) at 12am (local time for Malaysia)...

It's gonna be the match between GERMANY vs FRANCE

Not too sure whether I'm able to watch it coz I have futsal dat time...

But I hope da team that I always support (ever since), GERMANY / JERMAN will do their best to be able to go to the next round....

Just a recap,

And here's the TEAM,


deutschland die nationalmannschaft

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