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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today is my nephew's birthday, Ahmad Harith Aiman... he's already 8 years old.
Sharing the birthday's date, also 2 friend of mine...

1) Nurul Azrin Binti Haji Abdul Rahman (Ayin)... a good friend of mine when i was in form 1 until form 3.
A very briliant & good gurl. A big fan of those days band, Slam (she really adores the vocalist, Zamani).
Ha ha ha ha... Lost contact when she moved to SM Sains Pasir Puteh... managed to get her contact number, but i called her... she don't really remember... hmm... i guess, all the memories have gone when time flies away...

2) Nadiah a.k.a Nad... she is my friend from college... in the 1st Sem... very complicated gurl... but she always hanging around wit me n my other housmates. Last time i heard bout her, she's still working at the Petrosains. I did bumped into her few years back...

So, as for me... d AJs have the usual gathering (but 3 of my brothers have to work)... we had pizza, spaghetti & home-made mashed potatoes & not forgetting... the cake's from Secret Recipe - the Ben 10!

We eat n eat... relaxing... watching movies... & the best part is, my sister opened up our precious family photo album... and we starts to laugh... n even trying to make comparison with the nieces n nephews... Ha ha ha... totally hilarious to the max...

I just love being able to hang out + gathered with my beloved family... d AJs

Jamy AJ

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