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Monday, December 20, 2010

Being I, Being Me, Being Myself... from d ol' blog

Here’s the thought,

Watchin’ every single thing that happen & I couldn’t do nothin’,
Watchin’ every single lies that I know it shouldn’t happen,
What am I suppose to do?
Why should I be the ONE watchin’ people livin’ in a LIE?
Dat ain’t RITE…
Dis ain’t TRUE…

FACTS of LIFE dat does occured at least… deep within dis HEART dat already HURTS…
Being ALONE,

Should I SHUTS all these TEARS & just let all the TRAGEDIES written in every minute WORLD’s history,
In d end,
Being BLAMED for all it matter
I wish…
it could DISAPPEAR without me knowing it at all,
I wish…
it could NEVER HAPPEN without me be part of all the LIES,

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