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Thursday, December 23, 2010

TRON Legacy...

Sam Flynn, son of the owner's game tycoon, ENCOM International, Kevin Flynn - looking for his dad for almost more than 20 years...

The disappearance of Kevin due to the unknown world that been created by him, The Grid...

Alan Bradley, good friend of Kevin gave a key to Sam after receiving a page by Kevin's old number...
And from there... Sam ventures a digital world which led him to meet his Dad, Quorra and the bad ass, Clu

At first... it is quite boring & confusing... and dramatic...
The fights... seems too short... but still worth it...
The meeting between Sam & Kevin.. really slow... which makes the audience, "eiii.. cepat lah.. lembab betol"

And I guess... perhaps.. this is because they wanna put it all together... and can be consider as a good blend!

p/s: I wish to have that thing that been used by the PROGRAMS in TRON as their vehicle!
It's awesome dood! It's convenience & save space!


  1. i want that moto cycle dude...:P

  2. uyoooo.... wuhoooooooooo!!! me too!! me want it too


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