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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey "BELIEBER"... Justin Bieber is coming to KL

Date: 21 April 2011
Tix Price: RM98, RM188, RM288, RM358 & RM498 (VIP area).

On Monday, the rumours were confirmed when TuneTalk announced that it would be sponsoring Bieber’s first Malaysian concert on April 21 at Stadium Merdeka.

While concert tickets will be sold online from this Sunday onwards through websites for TicketPro and AirAsiaRedTix, die-hard Bieber fans – or ‘Beliebers’ – who are also TuneTalk subscribers, can get first dibs on the tickets at a special event on Saturday organised by local organiser Fat Boys Records.

Subscribers who show up at 11am at Bangsar Village 2 will be among the first in the country to purchase Justin Bieber concert tickets.

Fans who subscribe to TuneTalk on the spot also qualify for ticket purchases. The ticket sales will continue on Sunday, and are open to members of the public.

Ticket prices are set at RM98 for free-standing, and RM188, RM288, RM358 and RM498 for the VIP area.



  1. i tak minat J.BIBIR la... post lain concert please! hahahhah

    How bout Maher Zain punye show this January? takde buh dlm post ko pun.. apa laaa hahahaha!

  2. errr... errr... Maher Zain? Baek Anuar Zain!!

  3. maher zain lagi elok lagu dr anuar zain.. aku sepuk gak ko ni kang.. hahaha... eh silap bukan january ... february ...

    anuar zain mcm mahu ke ala2 keGAYan je.. ko minat die eh.. hahahahaha

  4. hua hua hua...

    i minat Anuar Zain tawww...!!
    Oh Lelaki ini!


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