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Friday, February 11, 2011

Canon-PhotoMalaysia February 2011 Photo Contest OPEN

February theme:

Submission period:
Now – 9 March 2011

Jury Decision:
March 2011

Photo Malaysia

All entries MUST follow the following guidelines, if not the entry will be disqualified without notification.

1. Image Size: 500-1000 pixels on the maximum side. No restriction on minimum side. (eg. 1000x400 or 200x1000 pixels) 

2. File Size & Type Requirement: 1MB maximum; JPEG with EXIF intact. 

3. Submit using the ATTACHMENT function in this thread. Hot-linked images will be disqualified. Post a reply to this thread with your entry and the number of the entry. 

4. One photo per theme per member. You are not allowed to change your entries once submitted. 

5. Do not include a watermark in your image. 

6. No borders/frames are allowed. 

7. Any comments or unrelated posts will be deleted without warning. 

8. Entrants MUST type “Agree to Canon-PhotoMalaysia Contest Terms and Conditions” when replying/uploading images to the contest. Without the above phrase, entries will be disqualified. Please read and understand the T&C in the post below.

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