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Monday, August 13, 2012

Luvin da HoneyDew

Honeydew Melon Health Benefits

I dunno wHy... but I do luv HoneyDew without knowing dat da FRUIT is definitely good for health...
I mean... almost all fruits hav their own agenda & benefits (agendaaaa tu... huhuhu!)

Check these FACTs bout the "HoneyDew Melon":-

"Honeydew Melon Health Benefits"

In terms of looks, Honeydew melon is often round or oval in shape. It has a hard outer layer usually ranging from soft greens to pale yellows. The flesh of honeydew melon usually is thick, firm and has a semi hard, crunchy texture when you bite into it. Other than that, the texture of honeydew melon is waxy. In the center, the melon like many other melons, contain a cluster of seeds. This juicy melon is extremely delicious and makes for the ideal desert after a heavy meal as it is light, refreshing and extremely healthy! Honeydew melons can also be included in fruit salads, yogurts and many other kinds of desserts! Honeydew melon is an extremely healthy dessert and is a must when it comes to including into your fitness diet plan. Here is a list of the health benefits of honeydew melon!


Honeydew melon is an excellent source of the mineral copper. Copper is extremely healthy and beneficial for your skin. Indeed, copper found in honeydew melon is especially helpful in aiding the cell regeneration of skin cells; therefore enabling you to maintain healthy beautiful skin!


Potassium is yet another vital mineral needed by your body. A deficiency in potassium can result in many ailments and problems such as an inefficiency of blood pumping throughout your body and even an irregularity of heartbeats. The presence of potassium also helps control blood pressure levels.

B Vitamins!

B vitamins are extremely healthy for a wide variety of reasons, especially when it comes to the health of your nervous system. The B vitamins found in honeydew melon include Thiamin and Niacin. Both of which are excellent for ridding the body off toxins and enhancing your nervous system! B vitamins are also known to provide energy. Therefore, honey dew melon provides you with the strength for longer exercise endurance ability. B vitamins also help prevent Alzheimer’s and Heart disease.

Vitamin C

A cup of honeydew melon can provide you with half of the Daily recommended Vitamin C levels. Vitamin C is a vitamin which serves a plethora of purposes! Most important being the fact that this vitamin can help boost your immune system and even prompts your body fight to fight against cold, fevers and various infections! Vitamin C is also very important for the making of Collagen and is therefore necessary for healthy skin!

Maintaining Weight

Honeydew melon is a deliciously sweet fruit which happens to be low calorie bases. After all, Honeydew melon only contains about 60 calories which makes for it to be the perfect snack for satisfying your sweet tooth and satiating your hunger! What’s more, this melon contains high water content which helps in keeping you hydrated!

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