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Friday, June 13, 2014

Women's Social Futsal / Fussball ~ WSF™

1st FRENLY for WSF... ohsemm VICTORY

There's no other words can describe how meaningful / thoughtful WSF's to me.
Thou it's still NEW, all da luv, excitements dat we achieved one by one... I am so THANKFUL to each one of you (the players).

7th Frenly for WSF

I learn a lots from da previous experience.
Thank you for all da knowledge, skills, coaching.

2nd frenly - thou we were down by 0-4, we managed to draw wit da opponent before 1st half end.
Never gave up & team spirits.

For me, this is all about TEAM WORK.
No matter how GOOD YOU ARE, but when it comes sumthing that you need to do TOGETHER...
Please... Please... do BEAR in MIND... you need to gather all your skills, pro n con as a TEAM!

6th frenly wit ProTech Academy Malaysia (under 14)

Accept all da flaw n flawless...
Work together... bring up the spirits within each one of the players...
Always da key of every succesfull

while im away for work, WSF did very well when they scored 21-6 against UNIKL team
on the 4th Frenly. SALUTESSS!!!
Our first JERSEY worn on the 5th Frenly
3rd Frenly

Thank YOU...
YOU all deserves my SALUTES

~ Women's Social Futsal / Fusball a.k.a WSF™

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