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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Penangan si UDANGGGG!!! Arghhh...

Having a discussion with my partner for our L.A.D.E
So, we heads to Kopi-Oh! at PJ (da place where we got our IDEA came for L.A.D.E) to have dinner before we starts to finalize everything
I ordered my favorite's menu, CHICKEN noodle soup (where's the heck UDANG is been mention in this food??!!)
Later on, my food been served & I'm kinda SOOO SOOO HUNGRY... quickly baca doa, bismillah & eat...
Then, masa cedok kuah... and i saw... demmmm 1 EKOR UDANG... & i was like... OMG!
I start searching if there's any UDANG will APPEAR... Yup, anoter 1 EKOR UDANG!
At first... im kinda like... "Hmm... never mind... I can take it out... & contineu finish it"
Finished eating it, I'm kinda like feeling this sort of itchy...
Then... here n there...
And then... i feel like my throat kinda MENGEMBANG & same goes with my TONGUE!
I didn't tell my friend & contineu with our discussion...
Roughly after 2 hours... I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable... & I told my friend & we end up our discussion & went home...
Luckily, I still have the ALLERGY pills, but my tongue still can feel the KEMBANG²,,,
Huwaaaa :(

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