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Monday, March 29, 2010

My SUN~day... is a Long Journey...

Woke up early...
Then, preparing my stuff (print, map) for my work...
After that... heads to Tesco to buy few things...
Settled... my journey contineus to Jln Klang Lama to give my friend a product to try.
We went for lunch n cuci mata n jalan²
From Bdr Tsk Sltn ~ Jalan Klang Lama ~ Pertama Complex ~ Sogo ~ Gardens/MidVal
Wahlauuu... what a tiring day...
Before head back home, I checked my work place for today... senang je ;)
Well, need to get ready to go work... have a good day ;)

Bismillah... untuk yang terBAIK buat semua ;)

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