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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AFC's Annual Dinner @ JW Marriott

On 12 Dec 2011 - for da 1st time being able to join da company dinner - AFC's Annual Dinner at JW Marriott
Alhamdulillah... as I went to confirm for my attendance, I managed to draw an awesome "door gift" which is a "Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera". Syukur alhamdulillah....

Almost all of AFC's staff attend da dinner... we had good times enjoying da entertainment & food.
Da best part is definitely da Grand Cash Draw... ka-ching! (sapa xnak wehhh... RM25k wokay! Along wit 19 others draw cash... woottt woootttt woootttt!!!)

Malas nak citer byk... tgk aje ler gambo2 yg ada eh... wehooo...

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