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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fc Blonde™ on "Jelajah Futsal Anak Muda Malaysia"

Last Sunday - 4 Dec 2011, Fc Blondes™ joined a tournament dat been delayed from d actual date on Oct / Nov. Da venue is at Real Sports Arena, Telok Gadong, Klang, Selangor. With 8 players registered, Fc B (Nisha, Nina, Nadia, Ain, Dylan, Fara, Nurul & Ef) on a mission to prove our achievement even thou without our beloved manager, Hafiz & coach, Aidil on our sight.

Da journey of 5 cars to Klang begun at 6.30am & we met up at petrol station next to Proton.
At first, we thought we are on schedule due to our GPS, Ms Fara - who thought dat da tournament is at Banting.
And we end up LOST for more than 2 hours just to find back our RIGHT path... heh!

p/s:- No worries, hidup ini tak thrill jika tidak saling menguji kesabaran diri sesama kawan... betul tak?

As we arrived at the venue, our cap'n quickly went for registration & alhamdulillah... da event still not start yet.
After having a bit of warm up & discussing... Fc B starts da game by won 1 - 0 against Grenade.
On 2nd game, Fc B draw with "forgot da name" & managed to go for da "controversial" round.
Fc B won 3 - 1 to Grab Fc but sadly e'nuff dat game is not "COUNTED" due to da most "fatapppp" organizer of this t/ment.
So, after came up with almost "CONTROVERSIAL" solutions - which is a final game for Fc B.
Da team lost 0 - 2 to a well known team, Phoenix A.

For me... this is a BIG achievement for Fc B after all da UNFORTUNATE RESULT...
A whole lot IMPROVEMENTS thou we are HUNGERS for A VICTORY...
This FIGHT is not came from 1 person...
but as A TEAM...
And it took a lot of EFFORTS from all of us...

Well done Fc B!

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