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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dinner wit beloved WENGERZ™

Last Saturday almost all my hawt mommies of WENGERZ managed to join for a dinner!
We went to a new mall at Subang (near to airport) - Citta Mall & had dinner at Chilli's...
First time being there... the mall still new... only few shops open & I had to admit... it is a new style of open mall designed (sort of like The Curve)... plus, the shops totally different & not much in KL (I bet, heh!)

So, joined by Hazel (and daughter, Keisha) + Isma (and daughter, Yasmin) + Imah & later on came Sarah & Sharx (with Absyar + Raisha)... memang havoc + kecoh + meriah

I am so blessed.. coz still able to have these beloved & dearest friends!
Mmmuuuaaahhh lah WENGER™

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