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Monday, June 25, 2012

Euro 2012: Germany (4) vs Greece (2) review

As predicted, my favorite team for this Euro 2012, Germany won superbbbbly over the Greece's team
Da German's lead the game by 1-0, goal scored by the captain's, Philip Lahm.

But, not long after that... Greece managed to make it draw when Giorgos Samaras scored da goal.

Seeing that da Greece's team is not giving up, Germany's upgraded their attacks & 2nd goal from Sami Khedira put back da Germany's team on track.

Da Germany's just can't get enough when they don't wait further longer when Miroslav Klose rises high & make a header for da 3rd goal.

And to make sure that Germany's team as one of the team that still never lost in any match for this Euro 2012, Marco Reus scored the 4th goal

Greece's 2nd goal is due to penalty shoot given to 'em (note: this is the 2nd penalty in the EURO 2012 & both penalties given to Greece's team)

Final results for this match:- Germany (4) - Greece (2)

I just can't wait for the next match which is the Semi Finals...

Germany will meet the Italy's team on 28th June 2012

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